Out In The Garden

website3We collaborated for Craft Council’s 2019 Annual Member’s Exhibition! Out In The Garden was inspired by the numerous heritage roses we have planted around our home. A herald of summer and a connection to the past; the roses have been sourced from the gardens of ancestors, friends and resettled areas from around the island of Newfoundland.

This sweet neck knife is the beginning of a new line of knives that will showcase hand forged blades with antler handles decorated with carving and semiprecious stones. The sheathes for each knife will be hand embroidered with naturally dyed silk, goldwork and beading. All of the knives are inspired by the beauty that surrounds our home studio in Newfoundland’s northern Atlantic boreal forest.


These beautiful and functional blades have a ceremonial aesthetic and make perfect gifts to mark life events.  We would be happy to work with you to create a blade and sheath for befitting your occasion.